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Monday, August 1, 2011

Buzhou Mountain Floor 1 to 4

Ok Here is a brief Overview:

Floors one and two are relatively easy and can be managed with a level 85ish true legend (seer) with master chariots and good +10 orange armour.

Three is much harder than two and requires a decent level 50 deity to do comfortably.

Four FLoor has elite troops and is loads harder than three, not recommend, not worth the losses if your legend is not a level 90+ deity with atleast 5 rebel levels to do this without killing yourself.

Warning, the following pictures make it seem very easy, they are not, ill write a para explaining their difficulty.

Here are some pics from each floor:

Legend used:

Ok some Information:

Floor 1 Contains 10 legends  so (5x2 packs), i.e. youll fight 5 first , then without pause to reload, fight a similar pack of 5 legends, troop numbers are similar for each pack, see above pictures for troop number on each floor. Normal Troops on floor 1.

Floor 2 contains 20 legends (5x4 packs), normal troops.

Floor 3 contains 30 legends (5x6 packs). Normal Troops.

Floor 4 contains ELITE troops (pain in the ass). 40 legends (5x8 packs).

Note: Legends in buzhou mountain can use artifacts like army decreaser, artifact nullifier , attack decreaser etc.

If youre unlucky youll get army decreaser on last few legends and youll lose troops.

That's it for now.




  1. Do you happen to know what it is in the Chinese version (and hopefully our next update) that makes fl. 5 do-able?

  2. umm u will soon be able to get ur main legend to 60ab. level 320 in one of the next sub versions :) well will cost alot of wolcash tho and i dont know if you can do buz flr 5 with it

  3. someone abused the detruing glitched a lot and did floor 5, not going to name the person

  4. Would you say about Floor 8 of an SP == floor 1?

  5. no its harder than 8 maybe 9 or 10 never thought bout that tho

  6. im doing lvl 1 buzhou with a lvl 44 lei zhenzi with 6719 chars and most of the time only losing around 3k chars from reducers and bad luck with artifact nullifying artifacts

  7. lvl 44 trued lei zhenzi sorry

  8. Mate I want to ask you, If I piggyback a level 30 Legend on the back of a trued level 100 legend, how much exp will he gain? The level 30 legend.

  9. omg i think im going to live on this site,lol... do u have any rooms for rent ? this guide it Awesome !