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Friday, April 1, 2011

Power Training Legends From Level 1-100 and beyond in a day

Okay When i say a day, i mean a hard grueling day, if you dont put that kind of time into wol then 2-4 days easily you can train a legend from level 1-100.

I'm feeling hungry so lets make this like a cooking recipe.

Before i begin, the whole idea is based on the fact that very low level trued legends dont take much exp (as in dont share much exp) but still are very powerful, so using a trued legend below level 8 with a level 60 normal legend, the normal legend gets almost all the exp from special paradises as if he were alone 1 hitting them.


->A Level 1 legend you want to train quickly (or any level you want to train up fast)
This Is my Yang I want to Train Fast

->A Trued Legend Preferably a seer or warrior (i use a monk because of huge mana pool but only because i use expert archers from a shang famour city), This legend should have a troop increaser preferably a 5% troop increaser and a vital rune or atleast one of them
I call him Mister Trainer

->2.25 million gold to use revolution

->A Lucidity (from fengsheng tower / shop) or bunch of clarities (from mirth box season, ashes, shop)

->Jade Charm (Optional, cuts down time further by 1/4th, came from clovers during festival)

->An Alliance with 3+ Strongholds (Optional but highly recommended)

-> Timelocks (save up a few if ur non jcer, maily for jc players , not necessary at all, ive never used them for power training)

-> Swiftness/Haste and alacrity (makes things faster, but optional)

-> Mana and life restoring items:

( You can use my fast mana recovering guide to recover mana using revivals, sending to wildlands too, so that makes this optional too)

-> Fuxi Token (If you dont have jade charm , again optional)

-> A generous amount of troops (lots of archers and charioteers)
-> All Boosts like red mist, fire shield etc should be activated.

BASICALLY ALL YO YOU NEED IS :  Revolution + Clarity or lucidity nothing else!

Lets Get Cooking!

Ok first a general idea:

There are three ways to do this, Fast, SuperFast and Speed of light.

The Fast way  involves hitting a lot of special paradises from floor 1 to 7 letting your trainee legend (yang jian in my case) get most of the exp.

The SuperFast way is hitting floor 1 to 12 or 1 to 11 somewhere around that and again let yang(the legend youre training) absorb the exp.

Light Speed is When you can comfortably do floors 1-15, then it takes hardly any time less than 4-5 hrs to get it to level 100

Lets Have a brief overview of what to do:

Common to all methods:

Use all the boons you can on your trainee legend get him as high as possible.
Then send him on accompanying trips with your trued legend (who you can take to level 8 make him wear luwu/lizhu full, then renew back to level 1).

In short Get Your Trainee Legend to level 40 as fast as you can.

Exp Per level :

So Level 1-40 is 2 million exp, with all your exp boosters on each level 10 wild would give slightly over 200k exp, so in 10-12 level 10's your trainee legend is level 40+.

Now For The Special Paradise Part:

Set Your Trainee Legend to Max Strategy, put on the best gear he can wear, fill him up with chariots, fill your trainer legend with archers (have your trainer legend to a level where he can 1 hit floor 7, so level 8ish, best is level 1).

First hit the sp's with you know have very few archers. Each Sp will give you over 3 million Experience (more with jade charm/fuxi token).
So Your trainee legend will be getting 3mish exp , 1 sp later he has a total of 5m exp (2m which it took till lvl 40 and 3m from the sp), hes now level 54... quick eh?

To Do the sp, just hit all the opponent legend with your trued legend holding archers, even opponent archers if theyre 1st, 2nd or third and you can use army increasers to heal up archers, incase u dont have army increasers or archers on opponent are last or second last use the chars on your trainee legend.

Do about 5 sp's and you have bagged 15 million exp on your trainee legend for a grand total of 20 million exp

That is Level 76.

So now Your trainee legend (in my case yang jian) is now level 76 , it has taken you 10 level 10 wilds, and 6 sp's from floor 1-7.

If your trued trainer legend has run out of mana , restore it, if you dont have mana restoring items use this method:

It takes 94 million Exp from level 1 to 100, but youre on your way with the 20 million exp.

From This Point on , all you have to do is, spam sp's from floor 1-7 u need about 72 million more exp, now if you do just floor 1-7 thats 24 more special paradises ( about 24 more  sp's , 30 in total).

This Might sound a little daunting, but hey i said it would be grueling in one day, but to ease the pain think like this, if you have 3 cities its just 10 sp's from each city, if you have 4 cities, 7.5 sp's per city, if you have fuxi token/ jade charm on then u just need to do 23 sp's in total.

Now youll hit a point when the legend you are training can 1 hit sp floor 1-7 (somewhere around level 80's) , if hes a warrior, put full fury on him and put archers on him and switch chars on your trues legend (so you take less losses), if you trainee legend is a seer, continue with chars on him.

Ok so lets go over the algorithm:

1 Trued legend who can 1 hit floor 1-7 , 1 trainee legend
1)Get Trainee to level 40
2)Do The least archer sp's first
3)Trainee legend can switch to archers if hes a warrior after he lvl 80+ and can 1 hit f 1-7 or stay with chars if hes a seer.

94 million exp from lvl 1-100 thats a total of 30 special paradises, if you cant dog it out in a day, take 2 or 4 or even 4, but the methods there for you to try, ive done it many times.

A Faster Way:

Well This is when you can 1 hit floors beyond floor 7

The Basic idea is the same except that you go deeper into floors , say you can go to floor 12 using a powerful seer, your trainee legend and 3 other reducers, floor 1-12 is 7mish exp so the sp's you have to do is reduced loads.

Light Speed:

Again Basic idea is same , but you have a seer who can solo floor 1-15, now you get 15m+ exp per sp, and yo ucan level it from level 1-100 in hours.

->Use revolution after maintenance or enough time before maint. because maint removes its effect
-> When You get fagged out take healthy breaks, it can get grueling
->Doing it in one day is very much possible provided you are motivated enough, ive done it with three of my legends, in two days doing it is easy.
->If you hold a fc, use a max magic monk as trainer with good monk armour to boost magic that way you get a 4k+ mana pool and still 1 hit sp's.
-> If you have timelocks , you can just grab one archerless sp and do many legends from 1-100 in a day

How To Manage Your Mana:

Simply put two ways to do this:

1) Stock up on some herb pellets and blood flowers from ashes etc

2) Use my mana recovery guide to full up mana with only revivals (alliance item) and no item at all

3) Have 2-3 trued legends so once, one runs out of mana switch to another while the first one rests and use my mana recovery guide on the resting one and itll be full mana before the second one is finished.

Thats The Link To mana recovery guide.

hmm it still needs garnishing, just cant seem to think what to add... do you have any idea what its missing?


  1. Easy to do with Timelocks...could prob do 3-4 legends a day with enough time locks

    I could do 1 a day with time left to do other things using rev and fuxi.

    Also forgot that =p fuxi token's xp bonus but i understand its under construction

  2. yeh im still writing only spend about 10 mins on it lol relax, and its geared toward people who have no jc at all, if you have jc its an added bonus, all my stuff is meant to be done without jc, and a lot faster with jc

  3. lvl 58 drake +7 = solo easy with full strat no need to waste time with a true legend u could be training in other sps

  4. yeah but this is also meant for people with no jc, who dont have enough mana stones yet for drake let alone +7 lol, when you get your first tl, you are no where close to drake, you can powertrain much before you come to the stage of drake +7, otherwise you can just solo 1-15 and do it thats not the issue

  5. Yeah rohan is always right arguing with him is not allowed and considered a sin ! =P

  6. is it worth trueing my main eariler (80), so i can power level the rest, im completely f2p and the guide looks good. thx rohan.
    pls give some advice

  7. Okay i have a question which players who are arnd 12 mil rep mark will ask :P -
    background: NO FC, NO SH (alliance does not control it). Item check: Jade charm, haste, etc, fuxi token in stock, clarity (5). Highest seer (ab30) level 74, highest warrior (ab 45) lvl 68, highest Monk (ab 41) lvl 62, all renew seeded so max point for each component.
    My requirement: I jst want to true the top 4 legends.. to make them master trainer legends.. Please suggest the best way to rep them fast so that i can get on with the true game... its too damn slow right now.. and i keep getting my glutious maximus kicked by lot of other high rep players... :(

  8. how do i gt all my exp to my trainee it only goes to my main guy

  9. Your trainer needs to be a lower level than your trainee in terms of numbers. What I am saying is because if you have a low-leveled trued legend, they will not receive as much exp so then exp is then transferred to your other legend who is not trued but is still higher in terms of the level number. (e.g. Xiao Dian is level 1 (trued) while Yang Jian is level 37 (not trued))

    This is because Xiao Dian needs a lower amount exp to level up compared to Yang Jian.
    (100 compared to 136,900)

  10. I'm only getting about 1 million xp per sp with the fast method, how do you get 3 million?