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Monday, September 27, 2010

Special Paradises

The concept of Special Paradises:

Ok new thing, firstly , since a long time now ive stopped doing wildlands , i do only special paradises (sp's) everyday.

Why doing sp's is better:
1)A chance of getting a famous legend
2)Higher chance of getting a good item
3)Commute time very less
By 3) i mean when u travel to one sp and do say floor 1-5 u only have to go to the sp once and stay there, where when u hit 5 lvl 10 wildlands u have to travel to each one and back thats 10 trips, for the sp its 2 trips.

How to go about mass killing sp's

What you require:
->Warrior seer pairs is what you need.
Pair 1 : Guan Bin (lvl 60) , Lan Hu (lvl 60)
Pair 2 : Warrior (lvl 70) , seer (lvl 45)

NOTE: What some people get confused it that the need a lvl 70 and 60 legend to do sp's, this in NOT true.
For floor one and two of a special paradise, if your legend can 1 hit a level 8 wildland, he will be able to do floor 1 and 2.
Floor 3 is harder than a lvl 9, one of the legends will be the boss legend who will carry a lot more powerful troops, you can judge if you want to do it or not.
And so on.
For floor 1 and 2 a decent seer who holds 1.5k chars can easily do them with less losses, one who holds 1k chariots can also do them easy but more losses.
Things to know about sp's:
The troops you will face on floor 1 and 2 will change everyday just like in a wildland.
The troops on floor 3 and later REMAIN SAME, everyday for every player.

How to attack a sp:

This is what ur queue should look like:
Legend 1 (1 archer)
Legend 2 (1 archer)
Legend 3 (1 archer)
Warrior ( max archers)
Seer (mac chariots)

As floor 1 and 2 are random and you dont know whether the first legend carries archers or not, send in the 1 archer legend first so the next legend you send can be chosen by you and later you can switch them as per what you face.

Important things:
The warrior needs to be of a high level as compared to the seer, because the warrior will need to 1 hit large quantities of troops, where as the seer carries chariots and it is relatively easier to kill archers (e.g. 1.5k chariots can kill 3 sets of 2k archers).

Try to write down or remember the special paradises which have least archers, and try to do them in case you cant afford chariot losses.

Try to have your cities apart so you can cover more.

Sp's yield excellent rewards, i try to do around 30 a day when i can, the more floors you clear in 1 go the more time you save and harder the floor better the reward.

Cheers .


  1. can you talk about 8+SP what i need? cause they are elite troops lot harder i want to do those floors so please explain

  2. use 3 legends with 1 archer each for reducer and warrior holding archer seer holding char.
    use master troops!!!

  3. after the advent of true legends tackling sp's has changed, ill write a new guide for that soon.

  4. LOL now 8+ troops uses Heaven troops, not Elite.... Elite is WAY 2 easy =)

  5. heaven troops are elite, they arent different, from theoriginal chinese the literal translation for the troops for the chinese language is heaven troops, but they were renamed to elite troops in this english version of wol.

  6. Wrong, Heaven Troops are much more powerful than Elites, Elite troops are just master troops with increased HP while heaven troops have much higher HP/Strength/Defense.

  7. i have a friend regularly playing chinese server, he told me this, elite troops are another name for heaven troops and they are called elite because of a transliteration flaw, but going by your argument, can you provide some evidence? in my defense, i havent encountered heaven anywhere and the heaven tokens give elite troops, which supports the philosopy that heaven = elite, elite have been renamed to heaven and what warlias said is false, 8+ still very much uses elite

  8. I heard that you should use chariots for higher floors of the SP. Why is this?

  9. use chariots with a seer like lei zhanzi that can hold upto 10k+ and nezha or some other warrior with at least 15k archers and 3 other with reducers(not necessary with them indeed) have devil rope on both for floor 10+

  10. fail? this is for beginners, its good for new players, not everyone starts with complete knowledge of wol

  11. part 2 of the guide is the comments